J-Funk Meant To Be CD

J-Funk infuses catchy melodies and slick vocal and instrumental harmonies, with funky rhythms, and jazz orientated chords to create his own versatile, slick and marketable style of funky soul music.
"J-Funk has arrived and is ready to take over the R&B/Soul Scene" – Tyrone Ismael, CEO Ismael Records.

After nearly 3 years of writing, recording and production J-Funk’s second studio album, Meant To Be is ready to be unleashed to soul music lovers worldwide. J-Funk has been heavily associated with USA independent record label Ismael Records, with the bulk of the music created in collaboration with producer Mike “Da Crow” Crowell and songwriter Ruth M. Ware aka RnB Mistress. This creative combination have produced a new sound, mixing up elements of commercial soul music and neo-soul, with the result being a well-written, well-composed, polished production of funky soul cuts.

“J-Funk is a totally fresh, new artist and brings to us a solid sense of authority and grandeur that belies his youth and relative immediacy onto the scene” – Barry Towler: Soulchoonz album reviews.
J-Funk: R&B music ready to capture and enlighten your soul.
Meant To Be – J-Funk album release out now.

Meant To Be album cover