J-FUNK: Breakthru - CD

Taste the essence of FUNKASOUL by checking out the music: The "demo" release of J-FUNKs debut album was both sudden & drawn out. Some of the recordings are in fact nearly 10 years old at the time of release. However, at least half of the album was created in the latter of 2006 & early 2007, recorded & mixed in the bedroom of J-FUNKs (very small) 1 bedroom apartment in North London. The "funkasoul" blend of funky beats, catchy melodies & slick harmonies creates a tasteful mix of developing songs destined for greatness. Additional mastering by J-FUNK & Jean-Michel Sutcliffe. Some would say that J-FUNK was a little over ambitious in releasing an album (let alone his debut!) short of its "production peak"; others would say that this release was well over due - the recordings on this album span nearly 10 years in the making. But how many artists in this world have had humble beginnings? The answer is many of course. Production aside, take a listen to the songs themselves: the contrasts between shallow and deep lyrics, funky and chilled out beats. And of course, the vocals: the soul, the feeling, the tone, the delivery. Timing is everything - the majority of these songs (barring "Close" - taking you back to the old Suae days of the late 90s) were recorded and mixed, instruments included, entirely by J-FUNK, with every note, sound, hit and solo created with precise spontaneity and feel. This tasteful album ranges from the R&B/commercial sounds of "Close" and "'Cause Suddenly", to the funky chilled R&B vibes of "For Our Nite" and "Give It 2 Ya", to the cozy jazz sounds of "Believe It" and "Hold You". Listen for yourselves: enjoy the vocals, enjoy the music, enjoy the songs, but most of all, enjoy yourselves while listening to this masterpiece.